Businesses Can Now Spend Less Time Sorting Out Window Shoppers

And More Time Closing Deals

Connect faster with unified communications, automate messages and responses, run auto tasks (and more) so you can focus on closing more deals, all in one spot.

Connect with customers fast.

Half of consumers choose the first business that responds to them. In today’s fast paced World, if you’re not first to connect with your new customers, you’re last. Make it easy for them to connect with the click of a button.

Solos provides access to their preferred channel too: text message, Facebook, Instagram or Google My Business Messenger, email and voice calls are all included.

"Solos helps our customers connect seamlessly online with our team who transitions everything to an in person meeting. When a customer ends up booking an appointment with us in an interactive way our install rate is higher, satisfaction is always 5 stars and our customers have a better overall experience. We appreciate it!"
David Cramwell
HVAC Services
"We've cut our monthly software and marketing expenses by 3.3x! We now market to find our own leads, talk back and forth by email, phone and text message and request reviews all from one system. On top of that all, we've moved our websites and other landing pages all onto Solos as well. They don't charge enough for this value. Thank you!"
Xavier Proluw
Powersports Dealer

Focus on what you do best.

Get your time back with the automated messaging and responses, automated appointment scheduling, reminders, confirmations and a whole host of automatic task management. 

Shared records of all communication means no more flipping between mobile phones and email browsers to get context for the next conversation.

"After a hard look in the mirror we realized that a lot of effort was spent following up with sales leads that went cold. My team was stuck spinning their wheels trying to get business through the door and less time completing contracts. Safe to say everyone was frustrated. With Solos we've setup automated workflows that recovered us over 68 hours of working power each week! Between cutting the marketing agency we outsourced too, eliminating 4 different marketing & sales software services and gaining back more working hours, this has been a home run. Kudos guys!"
Maxwell Klein
Realty Brokerage
"Being a small team, every dollar matters. We tried buying leads, creating our own, connecting our CRM to Facebook and all the other technical stuff a person needs a masters degree to do... ouch. Lots of energy, time and money was spent trying to learn the ropes with no luck. A friend pointed us to look at Solos and the demo they provided blew me and my partner away. From signing up to the end of the second week, we had moved all our websites (we have 3) onto Solos, setup Stripe to accept text payments and had all our marketing running. We closed a new client all from the platform too in that time. Wish we had found this sooner. Cheers."
Devon Faulkner
Credit Consolidation

Bring in fresh business with just a few clicks.

Ramp up fresh sales by launching Facebook and Instagram campaigns within Solos in just three clicks. We support over 30 business categories today (and growing) with plug and play sales offers that include pre-built ads. 

If you can’t take on any more leads just pause your campaigns.

If you work with an agency, can you pause their monthly retainers?

Popular business categories running on Solos

Auto + Powersports Dealers

On-demand lead generation + a powerful sales manager means your dealership converts more leads in close deals. Reduce the human effort needed by automating many follow up tasks, keeping your team available to close in-store customers and more.

Real Estate Services

Realtors, wholesalers, investors and mortgage brokers. Mass market with e-mail and text blasts, automatically book appointments, automate conversations and automatically run tasks. Focus on doing what you do best which is generating business revenue.

Home Services

HVAC, roofing, landscaping, cleaning and more. Attract new customers by marketing them an offer they can't refuse and then automatically have them schedule an appointment for a service call. Buy back your time to focus on bigger tasks like doing the job right.

Professional Services

Attorneys, accountants, financial planners and credit repair firms can now fill their pipeline with fresh leads on demand in 3-clicks. Have your clients book appointments automatically leaving you to work on your business, not for you business.

And more.

There are no limitations to the types of businesses Solos works with. Take back control of your marketing & sales efforts with an all-in-one platform that’ll create more productivity and working hours for your business.

Get more done at a lower cost, all in one spot.

Long gone are the days of piecing together piles of software to bring your marketing & sales visions to life.

Our robust toolset replaces over 9 software subscriptions and cuts the need for an expensive marketing agency.

Agency-level marketing power and supercharged sales management.

Marketing Manager

Advertising your business has never been easier.

Sales Manager

Capture, nurture and close more business like never before.

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